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This website is freelance content creator (editor, writer, illustrator, a little bit designer), Takemi Tsukamoto’s portfolio and blog. This portfolio is also a place for me to express myself and release my authorship as a hobby, so this is a sample. There are some articles, but the blogs are basically about whatever I want to write about. (Sports movies, sports cartoons, sports non-fiction, and other sports-related topics.) There are examples of my professional work here, but please be aware that the blog is basically a personal blog.


The GALLERY page is a collection of illustration work. I mainly draw illustrations about sports.

The WORK page contains WORK HISTORY that summarizes the main achievements to date and MY WORK SETUP for my PC environment.

The CONTACT page is a mail form.



Tsukamoto Takemi

Trade name

Jocks and Nerds


Graduated from Hongo High School, Department of Design.
Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Literature II (Evening Division), Department of Expression and Art.
Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Sports Medicine.

Work experience

I’m in the middle of the jobless generation (the generation known as the “Lost Generation” in Japan), but I didn’t even look for a job. After graduation, I started at a part-time job at a music-related free magazine as an editorial assistant. Later on, I got a job as a publicist for a sports-related company, but I resigned due to company reasons after five months (effectively getting fired). After returning to work as an editorial assistant, I worked as a gym staff member at sports clubs and public gyms.

Suddenly, my eldest brother passed away and I wanted to reevaluate my own life. I decided to get a training certification. At the moment, I decided to study sports science at university again.

My second time around at university, I had too much to prove to myself. I joined the varsity wrestling club. Although I didn’t excel as a wrestler, I managed to complete four years of competition.

However, I didn’t look for a job again, and after graduation, I worked as a part-time worker at a Foreign-funded Securities company run by a sports club. I worked as a trainer at the company’s fitness facility.

After that, I had a bit of trouble and I thought about how to combine all the different things I had learned. When I was looking for a job to fulfill my desire to create a fitness magazine, I was hired as a part-time worker for a fitness magazine as an editor/writer. Later, I became a freelance editor/writer when the magazine was transferred to a different managing business. I have been working as an editor for a number of years. In the course of my editorial activities, I has also been involved in producing illustrations.

Sports career

Wrestling – Member of the varsity wrestling team for four years while in the sports science department. In addition to my athletic activities, I was a student manager for two years while being a player.


Since I attended a design high school, I have many friends who are designers and artists. Also, because I went to college twice, I have many different friends. I have classmates who are nine years younger than me and classmates who are the same age. Many of my classmates are athletes and people in the sports industry because they were in the sports department. I think I’m closer to my classmates who are 9 years younger than my classmates of the same age.